Happy Valentine!

February 14 real lovers celebrate Valentine… and we do all love our Volkswagens don’t we?????

This is what we call “COOL”!!

Not always VW’s, we’re car guys at BBT, and this is the coolest thing we saw lately!

The all original vintage Belly pan racer from Jeff Zwart recently displayed at the Cars and Coffee in Malibu California, cool as hell… not restored nor polished, just sits “like it is”….

Belly tanks are extra gas tanks from airplanes from the world war to get planes the extra fuel needed to cross the pacific or atlantic oceans, the stream line was perfect so many made racers out of them after the war, mostly destroyed, only few real nicely finished, even less kept as they raced… Jeff Zwart still has his “as was” and displayed recently at Cars and Coffee in Malibu California, now how cool is that?

Jeff Zwart is a 8 times Pikes peak class winner, a legend on his own and for sure knows how to enjoy life!

Happy Birthday BBT! 30 years and counting….

Happy Birthday BBT!

Exactly 30 years ago, on february 06 in the year 1987 BBT opened for the very first times its doors to the public to sell Volkswagen parts to keep all our beloved ones on the road, a vision we didn’t change and only promoted stronger during the last 30 years.

We’re here to stay and do what we like to do, provide You the parts to keep your old Volkswagens on the road…  with more force as ever!

Happy birthday to BBT, as well as congratulations to all of You, our customers, suppliers, friends and sympathisers to give us the opportunity to celebrate this remarkable birthday!

Just below a couple of pictures from the “Garden shed” where it all started, from the pig farm where we took the first expansion, the first industrial building and the building we currently operate from…. a time line so to say…..  thanks to you, all of You…. and thanks again!

Up to the next 30 years!