Friends of the house

The Vw Classics club meet and greet was a good one!

Yesterday we had a beautiful winter day in belgium, nice open skies (for most part of the day) dry,  and not too much of wind… so we decided with a couple of us to grab some cars and drive to the meet and greet from the VW Classics club on the BULO factory parking lot in Mechelen (between Antwerp and Brussels)

We had a great day!


Keverwinterfestijn was a great 1st show of the year!!

Our first VW show of the year is a fact! Kever Winter Festijn (KWF) was good, it’s always fun to meet most people from the VW scene and wish everybody happy New Year! Or as one guy told me, this is just one big New Years celebration, the VW way…:)

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after the show on saturday we sat down and enjoyed an international dinner, Spain, France, Holland and Belgium… this was a real crazy thing!!

2018-01-06 22.34.59_resized

and YES!! we know now, Steve likes MEAT!!

2018-01-06 22.55.58_resized

put in your agenda’s, next year, first weekend of January, Autotron Rosmalen… KWF rules!

Merry Christmas and a very happy New Year…. BBT is closed for the holidays..

Dear friends, customers, suppliers, fans…

At the end of 2017 we like to send You our season greetings and thank You for another good year here @ BBT! We wish you a very Merry Christmas and all the best for a brand new and exciting 2018!

BBT wholesale dept will be completely closed from this afternoon Friday dec 22 15.00hrs

BBT shop will be open Saturday dec 23 from 09.00 till 16.00hrs as usual

BBT will be entirely closed from December 24 till January 1st

BBT will re open entirely on Tuesday January 02nd from 8.00 am in the morning to open the New year with a Big bang!!

Celebrate all the festivities with everybody You love and try not to forget the people who are alone! Bring a little warmth in all of us hearts!

Click the BBT Christmas card below and read why we do not send Christmas cards by mail anymore…..

Do You rememebr these guys? or at least do you reconise them?

This was fun! on my visit to Beverly and Sherry from Vintage parts we discovered the old “picture wall”… with real pictures!

Do you remember these guys? I put the names I knew under every picture!

left to right… Bob Scott, Beverly, yours truly and BBT Arlette!!

Loren Pearson, West Coast metric, and Teufelheb! Yes that’s Teufelheb, the BBT Hebmuller!!

Yours truly with Beverly earlier this week!

Do you recognise Chris Dalton (VW Emporium UK) and his wife?

Henri Matti from MPI fame behind the counter…

Yes yes DR Mac Jones from Tennessee in his Rometsch!

Erik Meyer and Joe Crocket…. wowh!

and last but not least… Bob and Shawn from vintage parts with Mr Komori and his secretary from Flat 4 fame…

where are the times, where is that hair, Henri???

La bella Italia fina giorni (last day of our trip)

the last day of our trip we visit more customers, and checked out some nice barn finds in all patina buildings!

First thing in the morning is a coffee with long time customers Roberto and Lorenzo, the place they brought us for the morning coffee was awesome, and the croissants better as the best!

From Roberto’s place we continues through the incredible beautiful “Barolo” area, yes where they make that famous wines!

as we like old farms we don’t mind a picture from Mauro’s grandparents farm-house… the patina was super nice…. wouldn’t we like all a place like this for our old cars!

and inside even better…. start digging!

The main reason for visiting  Mauro was to deliver the 911 engine and transmission for one of his customers… BBT does it all… Mauro and his mechanic are very nice guys, if You’re ever in the Cuneo area pay them a visit!

We continues our visit from Cuneo to the coast by crossing the mountains, no freeways for these guys today…:)

The views and roads are unbelievable nice although kind a slow, but want to share some precious moments with all of you…

after a short visit with long time friends and customers Yvan and Sarah we left early to get back home, it’s over again, but the countdown is on for the next Italian Job, this country has a very special place in all of BBT’s hearts!

ok stop dreamin’ a pile load of work on my desk so have to dig my self through a couple of dig piles of paperwork now… 🙁