Friends of the house

La bella Italia fina giorni (last day of our trip)

the last day of our trip we visit more customers, and checked out some nice barn finds in all patina buildings!

First thing in the morning is a coffee with long time customers Roberto and Lorenzo, the place they brought us for the morning coffee was awesome, and the croissants better as the best!

From Roberto’s place we continues through the incredible beautiful “Barolo” area, yes where they make that famous wines!

as we like old farms we don’t mind a picture from Mauro’s grandparents farm-house… the patina was super nice…. wouldn’t we like all a place like this for our old cars!

and inside even better…. start digging!

The main reason for visiting¬† Mauro was to deliver the 911 engine and transmission for one of his customers… BBT does it all… Mauro and his mechanic are very nice guys, if You’re ever in the Cuneo area pay them a visit!

We continues our visit from Cuneo to the coast by crossing the mountains, no freeways for these guys today…:)

The views and roads are unbelievable nice although kind a slow, but want to share some precious moments with all of you…

after a short visit with long time friends and customers Yvan and Sarah we left early to get back home, it’s over again, but the countdown is on for the next Italian Job, this country has a very special place in all of BBT’s hearts!

ok stop dreamin’ a pile load of work on my desk so have to dig my self through a couple of dig piles of paperwork now… ūüôĀ

La bella Italia, un giro particolare!

After my return from Japan and India, and the complete rush through the week full of visitors, I left sunday morning early to visit some of our trusty customers and other contacts in la bella Italia!

My heart is for a large part in this country as I like the style and their way of living a LOT!

The Nonna is always most important member of the family, You better never forget! A picture with the Nonna is always a moment of honour and glory!

Senora el tua cucina sono incredible, grazie infinite per il tutto e anche al tuo fillio e sua moglie multo brava!

I started to visit Domenico, we invited me for pranzo (lunch) grazie tante Domenico, per un pranzo superiore!

In the afternoon I rushed to  Giampiero and visited his museum, Volkswagens and Vespa do mix up quiet well actually!

Oh my God!! What’s this???? A real old Piaggo Ape in all its originality with an incredible patina? Do you know something more typical from Italy as an Ape? I don’t… could You resist this little baby? well… I couldn’t and I bought it on the spot!

The proud new owner with his new toy…:)

Giampiero’s little museum is very cool!

Porsche Junior all aboard…:)

My (Soccorso) score of the day…:)

Hmmmmm more Ape pictures, just loving it!

Do I fit in all right??

And then the evening came and we had to eat, right? La cena (the dinner) is always important as all food really is in Italy…

Giampiero took us to Chieti (where the Ape lived all of its life) to a restaurant called Ferrara, mind-blowing!

Vino, pasta, pesce, carne, dolce e multo¬†caff√©…. our first day in Italy was a good one…. let’s continue to Tuscany today!!

oh yes, for sure, if You ever come to Abbruzzo plse make sure to get a “Cena” in ristorante Ferrara, something You always will remember!




The Vespa club came to visit BBT!

Last saturday when I was in Japan the Vespa club Antwerpen paid us a visit on one of their tours, …. in the pouring rain… poor scooters….

Also Vespa world knows about patina!!!

Real old, real original… Yammie!

My way back home, a stopover in New Delhi India for a blitz visit to some manufacturers!

On my flight back from Osaka I made a stop over in New Delhi for a “Blitz” visit to some manufacturers…

India is a very different country, mostly Hindoo, people are extremely friendly, hospitality is super great, but some infrastructure… well i don’t know…:)

A small impression I like to share with all of you! …

India makes a lot of rubber parts so I visited two rubber manufacturing plants…

This guys says thank you to all BBT customers for buying the parts he makes, what gives him a job! social systems don’t really exist here, no job is pure misery!

They used to call tuk tuk but here they just say “Auto”… they been used for everything and there is thousands of them, they’re fairly cheap and transport everything… and they all drive (like all small commercial en all public transport) on CNG!

a full truck is many times an extra taxi…:)

big trucks are very impressive and very nicely “dressed up”, the Indian way!

No visit to Delhi without seeing the Taj Mahal, about 2,5 hr drive south of Delhi, if not in rush hour…:)

A grave stone for his beloved one, the King let build this memorial palace in pure marble with thousands of jewels laid in the marble, no paint! 20.000 people worked for 17 years here, and 5 more years on the surroundings! Everything is about perfect!

Another “auto” this one is a Piaggio…

But also on a bike You can transport about everything… if you’re creative, that is…:)

You can drive everything on the freeway, also heavy loaded tractors!

Another dressed up truck!

Crazy Delhi traffic!

if an “auto” is too expensive a three wheeling bike called “Riksja” is cheaper transport…

Hello BBT customers we pack your orders carefully!!

Dressed up truck in an industry sector….

I’m not completely sure about power lines, crazy engineering for sure!

A lost truck shot on my way to the airport…

Time to fly back home! some very interesting jobs awaiting me… believe me! but what a trip it was!!

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A memorial visit, a memorial day… a honourable visit to the cemetery for a tribute to late Mr Jozuka.

Mr Jozuka, founder (and father) of Garage Vintage passed away suddenly about 12 years ago.

I always wanted to pay respect and visit his last resting place, what was a promise to myself finally came through last week…

Together with the Jozuka family we visited the cemetery…¬† a very typical Japanese cemetery with a lot of respect and honour for the beloved ones… in a traditional way everything is hyper clean!

Mr Jozuka’s stone is not your typical, but teh back of a splitwindowbeetle, carved in one piece stone Mrs¬†Michiko Jozuka did a great job as she refused twice!! Normally it had been way bigger, but the stone carvers had to start twice over again…


How You like the detail? Pretty cool uh?

the numbers on the license plate read more difficult as your worse Sudoku??? All the family birthdays, the birth dates and the founding dates of garage Vintage been all written in, now try to figure that one out!

Beautiful flowers give a nice touch to the black marble!

the cemetery is pretty large, but only one stone is very different from all others… and my old friend Mr Jozuka deserve that!

Can’t finish this blog no better as with the words on the back of the stone…

My trip in Japan comes slowly¬† to an end, I have to run for the airport now… but I have one more stop over, hopefully i can report You tomorrow about that one…¬† so stay tuned!!