Friends of the house

Ile de reunion vive la fete…. en VW!

Last friday I was invited to Ile de Reunion, a magical tropical island from France. Our distributor for Reunion, Coleur Chrome from Mickael and his team prepared a small road trip and was brave enough to give me a Vw to participate!

dsc08699_resized dsc08707_resized dsc08711_resized dsc08720_resized Bugs, sun and ocean, what do we need more????

dsc08721_resizedInside the shop there was lots of other goodies … Mickael is hardcore!!!

dsc08689_resizeddsc08690_resizeddsc08691_resizedNice cool shop and nice  area, some guys have all the luck….:)

dsc08695_resizedSo cool, thanks so much Mickael, you’re a real king of cool… and yes you do look so good with two Belgian beers in front of you! thanks also to your mom, your girlfriend Bambou, all your team, family and friends for this unforgettable experience!




in Memorium; our good friend Hein Senders….

Big Friend of Da Houze Hein Senders left us last thursday after a long and totally unfair fight against his cancer.

We will Hein remind as the guy that could get anything and everything, no wall to high, no ocean to deep when he went for something ….he just simply did it. He brought us hundreds of beetles through the years and started up dozens of different parts productions….

Besides all the parts and the cars it will be especially the fun and adventures together that will be missed…  his one liners will be remembered for always…

Rest in peace my dear friend!




Transport of a VW sign….

Thanks to Bill Bowmann I was able to obtain a real tall VW used cars sign… the ultimate sign for the BBT building. but transport of this signs is absolutely NOT easy… fragile!!

Thanks to Tom and Bill the sign came to California (thanks guys!!) and I picked it up last weekend from Tom’s place to drive it to the port… huge undertaking!

2016-11-13-16-47-05Neighbour and VW fellow Rick Clark was all hands on helping, thanks Rick!!

2016-11-13-16-47-37 2016-11-13-16-47-47 2016-11-13-16-48-17 2016-11-13-16-48-41Loading is one thing, strapping it up so it don’t break is another… this is plexi…..

2016-11-13-16-49-07 2016-11-13-16-54-58 We strapped it up nicely….
2016-11-13-16-58-34 2016-11-13-16-59-24 2016-11-13-17-00-40 Job done, Bob is happy boy! Hope the sign is happy too!

2016-11-13-17-04-01At the port I loaded the sign to a roofrack on one of the buses that’s coming over… so we ship it home… and it will be in our car building… come by in 2017 and see the magic sign that travelled the world!

2016-11-14-11-37-11Thanks to Shelley for the pictures!! Great job!!