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For sale: 1951 Absolute mint condition Belgian Azure blue Split window beetle, matching numbers, top restored!

Ever dreamed of that perfect split window?

We have one for sale! Original Belgian split top restored with BIG eye for detail!

Very desirable original color combination for this car of AzurBlue with grey upholstery, exactly like it came from the factory!

Matching numbers, original fenders (even original from THIS car!) everything mounted with original NOS bolts, this is one of the best splits we ever had, period!!

Ready for any show, top collection or concourse, a better one You can’t find!!

Click on the picture for more details and more pictures!

For Sale; 1964 Double cab in driving condition!

Picked up this 1964 crew cab last week in Germany and drove it 450 km home on its own wheels!

Need some minor works, nothing bad, and a good tune up..

Double cab’s getting hard to get and very hot lately! So You bet we’re very happy we could score this one!

It’s readily available for pick up or we can ship worldwide!

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Ready for the 450km trip home!

2018-05-01 13.01.17_resized

This is a cool crewcab like You do not come across anymore every day! If You’re interested in this one contact me by email for most fast service!

Thank You for looking!


3 pack on its way to the shippers!

My last score from California is on its way to the shippers now,

1958 panelvan with logo’s

1968 squareback

1960 Ghia Coupe

All have an awesome patina, will be a nice appearance on in a couple of months!

3 pzck_resized.jpg