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Some more fun in California part two

I passed by my friend Chris, the junkyard is almost completely gone now, and what’s left most of it is sold and just wait shipping, still the gate to enter his paradise is till impressive to me….

I thought it was funny to see a beetle to eat a 924…. somebody has to rule!

Have a nice mail beetle!

ok, enough fun here, and enough business too, let’s get out of here …. I’m about ready for another road trip…. stay tuned!

Some more fun in California…

Traveling to California is very exhausting, but fun at the same time….

I had a couple of things to finish here so before I knew I was back in the land of Uncle Sam…. or is it Uncle Donald now-a-days?

I’m glad to share some cool things from this West Coast adventure…. when You arrive its time for te sun to set and go to bed…:)

Next day You awake on the freeway with a  cool beetle ahead of You!

You still see VW’s in daily traffic here, but every year less and less, look at the license plate of this single cab…:)

Skyline from Los Angeles driving north on I-10, the city is so different from every angle!

Tomorrow I show You some more…:)

Mol Swapmeet last sunday…

Last weekend we headed to Mol for the yearly swapmeet from the Kempense Keverclub, always very good turn out and always some good scores… here some impressions….

and some cool cars outside!

Ile de reunion vive la fete…. en VW!

Last friday I was invited to Ile de Reunion, a magical tropical island from France. Our distributor for Reunion, Coleur Chrome from Mickael and his team prepared a small road trip and was brave enough to give me a Vw to participate!

dsc08699_resized dsc08707_resized dsc08711_resized dsc08720_resized Bugs, sun and ocean, what do we need more????

dsc08721_resizedInside the shop there was lots of other goodies … Mickael is hardcore!!!

dsc08689_resizeddsc08690_resizeddsc08691_resizedNice cool shop and nice  area, some guys have all the luck….:)

dsc08695_resizedSo cool, thanks so much Mickael, you’re a real king of cool… and yes you do look so good with two Belgian beers in front of you! thanks also to your mom, your girlfriend Bambou, all your team, family and friends for this unforgettable experience!