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For sale; Fresh catch in California! 1967 kombo split window bus projects, a panel van and a cheap 11 window!

As told yesterday already, my first day in California was very succesful! With 4 cars bought only a couple of hours I was out of the plane!

After the Oval rag project and Ghia coupe presented yesterday today i like to give You a sneak preview of the two split wind bus projects I got. Both are very solid,and both are non walk through with uncut bulkheads….

First I show You the cheap  1967 11 window project... it’s a solid bus but has a collision left front below on the A pillar, front and cab floor….

Should run according the owner and is mechanically very complete!

Inside is empty, but I can eventually supply a set of front seats at extra cost. or any other parts off course!

Normally I should pass on these type a bus in this condition but this one was to solid and to cheap to let slip, so  i simply bought it and even it looks not nice at first sight there’s a lot of crappy buses on the market that are not even half as good as this one and priced for double money as I look for here!

Next I have a 1967 panel van, was all collapsed in a garage so sorry about the pictures, it’s a one family owned bus from a dry cleaner in North California.

The bus is INCREDIBLE SOLID AND DRY! unbelievable, the grand son of the family started the restoration but never came any further as the primer…

Is mostly complete (glass etc) and is a very easy project to finish!

Perfect to put your company logo’s!!

Look underneath how dry and solid, the whole bus is like this!!

We can either ship out of California to your country of destination, or we will ship these babies home to BBT HQ where we expact them to arrive some where in January, when they will be presented with much better pictures off course….

For all inquiries meanwhile just drop me an email on and I try to reply as soon as I can, I check my emails daily…:)


For sale 1965 Karmann ghia en 1957 Oval window ragtop project!

My first day in California was a good one… long-term contacts helps and I was able to strike a 4 car deal within only hours after being disembarked in the country of Uncle Sam, euh, Uncle Donald lately actually, and in the state of oranges and fires!

The sun came up early in the airplane, never saw her that red!

The bay area is always impressive out of the plane, can You spot the Golden gate bridge in the picture?

Alcatraz from above…:)

Bird eye view from San Francisco (front) and Oakland (above the water) the bridge that connect these two major cities is the Bay Bridge

First score…. 1965 Karmann Ghia, very solid!! needs some detail etc and some paint, but a real good car, underneath the car is super solid and looks better as outside, believe me… previous lady owner!!

Look how dry and solid!! this is what we like , don’t we?

We can ship everywhere You want, out of California… or we do expect it home, @BBT HQ,  somewhere in january

Next is an 1957 oval window ragtop, crazy project, must stand still since very  very long! comes with (louvered) W decklid, and 30DIN (36 SAE) HP short block

Gas 356 Front brakes, can be sold either with or without…

Car has good pans and body is real good although ugly, was original Black when it came out of the factory, who would mind a Black Oval ragtop in his garage?

Paradise through an oval window… california is awaiting me….

Tomorrow I report about two split window buses, so stay tuned!!

La bella Italia fina giorni (last day of our trip)

the last day of our trip we visit more customers, and checked out some nice barn finds in all patina buildings!

First thing in the morning is a coffee with long time customers Roberto and Lorenzo, the place they brought us for the morning coffee was awesome, and the croissants better as the best!

From Roberto’s place we continues through the incredible beautiful “Barolo” area, yes where they make that famous wines!

as we like old farms we don’t mind a picture from Mauro’s grandparents farm-house… the patina was super nice…. wouldn’t we like all a place like this for our old cars!

and inside even better…. start digging!

The main reason for visiting  Mauro was to deliver the 911 engine and transmission for one of his customers… BBT does it all… Mauro and his mechanic are very nice guys, if You’re ever in the Cuneo area pay them a visit!

We continues our visit from Cuneo to the coast by crossing the mountains, no freeways for these guys today…:)

The views and roads are unbelievable nice although kind a slow, but want to share some precious moments with all of you…

after a short visit with long time friends and customers Yvan and Sarah we left early to get back home, it’s over again, but the countdown is on for the next Italian Job, this country has a very special place in all of BBT’s hearts!

ok stop dreamin’ a pile load of work on my desk so have to dig my self through a couple of dig piles of paperwork now… 🙁

Italy day 3; the rolling Tuscan hills, some treasure hunting and good ice cream!

Tuscany is very nice to cross, the landscape is wonderful….

and tractors slow…:)

Some treasure hunting down the road… cool score of some Type Three parts!

And a cool picture of my friend and long time customer Enrico Cantone, my son Frederik and yours truly at the ice cream shop;…

Ain’t live a bitch? what a cool trip, even we do cover quiet some distance… and work hard, eat a lot and keep on moving…

Today we drive north… Milano is calling…:)

Italy day 2… let’s follow the trail of the holley man…

BBT delivers everywhere You want us too, even in medieval cities in the middle of Italy….:)

After our brief stop in Assisi we continued our trip to Siena for a meeting (with mandatory Italian dinner) with our main distributor for Italy, Dei Käfer service… a meeting with Giovanni and Anna is always as a “rai d’uno di familglia”…:)

Thanks for dinner Giovanni!

ok let’s drive to the coast now, will report tomorrow….