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Lost and found… some abounded cars I saw on my last California trip….

The USA is a country of cars, they’re literally everywhere… also and many times abounded… but even then they’re many times to cool to just pass by, I share a couple of cool ones with you…. most are not for sale….

Patina in California means burned and baked by the sun, but it’s so cool, especially on a Beetle!

A 356 that will never be a 356 anymore… abounded in a barn, untouched for at least 20 years, cool find, but way too much of a  job….

Another 356 an SC is sitting as well, looks good on pictures, but is in terrible condition… was a cool day out, but no business here!

Amazon in the field… with its eyes popping out of the front window…:)

This was my favorite of this trip… an ” Idontknowwhatyear” Packard. This car had just the right amount of Patina it sat nice and complete just waiting… should have bought it, but passed it up…

More Packard!

and an old Mercedes Benz 0319 truck… crazy cool…:)

Oh yes, don’t You use your beetle convertible to feed your cat? Convertibles make such cool pet tables! ….:)

Another I couldn’t resist to take a picture… an old Buick convertible… don’t know anything about them, but they’re so freakin cool… just sittin’….

and so the trip came to an end… some cool stuff is coming home… the hunt was good! Now I have first to fight my jet lag and get back to my real work! Can’t wait on my next trip out!

Some fun in california, two very weird cars!

When picking up my trailer from my friend rich he asked me if I knew somebody for these two weird cars he had he like to sell…. first was a VW country buggy, with a hard top! the only one known in America…. good body condition, was running and driving when parked 5 years ago….

Looks cool huh, lurking from under its tree…:)

The second one is even a more crazy one, an early bay window to car transporter conversion, with full 911 mechanics,

It needs a complete restoration, but its all there!

if You have interest or know anybody…. i can put You into contact with my friend Rich, and you guys can talk….

So will there be some more interesting weird things this trip? Well stay tuned and read out of my own Blog!

Some more fun in California part three

Stopped by my friend Eric for coffee in the morning and parked my Big White Whale next to his recently acquired 58 Belgian ragtop…. thought it was funny to see both cars next to each other….:)

Time to start the drive up North…. Fwy 101 was beautiful after all the rain they had last months…

It never rains in California I hear you say? Well that’s not true!!

Heavy rains from Santa Barbara to past Paso Robles (check your maps!) That’s quiet a bit, and not fun!

But once passed Paso everything became good again, lush landscape with regular bill board for some comfort food…. the real american landscape….:)

Almost at my next destination, look out for what i found for you tomorrow….

Some more fun in California part two

I passed by my friend Chris, the junkyard is almost completely gone now, and what’s left most of it is sold and just wait shipping, still the gate to enter his paradise is till impressive to me….

I thought it was funny to see a beetle to eat a 924…. somebody has to rule!

Have a nice mail beetle!

ok, enough fun here, and enough business too, let’s get out of here …. I’m about ready for another road trip…. stay tuned!

Some more fun in California…

Traveling to California is very exhausting, but fun at the same time….

I had a couple of things to finish here so before I knew I was back in the land of Uncle Sam…. or is it Uncle Donald now-a-days?

I’m glad to share some cool things from this West Coast adventure…. when You arrive its time for te sun to set and go to bed…:)

Next day You awake on the freeway with a  cool beetle ahead of You!

You still see VW’s in daily traffic here, but every year less and less, look at the license plate of this single cab…:)

Skyline from Los Angeles driving north on I-10, the city is so different from every angle!

Tomorrow I show You some more…:)