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BBT Friday Product Update!

This week some new parts for everybody… first a new metal part for your beloved splittie bus…  where the master cylinder is mounted…. woeps, that’s deep underneath!

0890-615 Master cylinder crossmember Type2 03/55-07/67


To mount the BBT Porsche conversion ref 2160/2165/2169 You will need some extra parts to make your engine let work properly. We always used to had these parts in the shop, but decided to make proper part numbers so we can offer in our catalogues and wholesale program. Available from our shelves for everybody…

2161-500 Mounting kit for Porsche cooling Type 1 engine – BBT

2161-550 Oilfiller for Porsche cooling Type 1 engine – BBT
2166-550 Oilfiller with dipstick for Porsche cooling type 4 engine – BBT


Back in stock !!!

Finally we do have the Hubcaps back in stock with the VW logo and with the authorisation from VW in Germany so they do not have to sue us anymore… at this moment only the bare ones, the chrome ones should follow any time soon.

2501-01 Hubcap -65 (STD) with logo

BBT Friday Product Update!

The most coveted VW related T-shirt now for sale through the BBT dealer network! Order yours today! and be part of a very happy big family…

BBT T-Shirt 2015 (Medium)
BBT T-Shirt 2015 (Large)
BBT T-Shirt 2015 (X-Large)
BBT T-Shirt 2015 (XX-large)

BBT T-Shirt Open House 2015 (Woman Medium)
BBT T-Shirt Open House 2015 (Woman Large)

BBT Friday product update!

Wowh! This week is a vintage week! 

First we have the only real fitting window sashes (the “shoe” that holds the doorwindow)  for split window beetles from very early production till oct 1952, the original “one piece windows”…

This quality is really like original, or perhaps even better, and they do fit!

0362-700 Window sash, left, each Type 1 -09/52

Oem number: 111 837 571

0362-710 Window sash, right, each Type 1 -09/52 BBT

Oem number: 111 837 572


Second we do have a solution for your cargo door lock for your splitwindow bus… not the best quality but it fits and works, so way better as none or a broken one!

0436-510 Cargo door large lock mechanism with locking knob – repro  Type 2 03/55-07/67
Oem number: 211 841 605D

And to finish this week new product line up in our BBT program we do have the little locking knob on your cargo door lock (inside) in silver beige….

0524-510 Locking knob for cargo mechanism – silverbeige  Type 2 03/55-07/67