Meet report; Freddy files in Ninove was a perfect kick off for the 2017 VW season

Bright spring weather, a lot of happy people and incredible cool cars, we can say that Fast FFFred did a real cool job with his team to make yesterday a unforgettable day for many Western european VW people.

Some impressions to share with all of You! ….

We started right in the middle of the Airmighty cruize down from Holland….

Off course BBT’s friend of da Houze David was out and brought his single cab, watch that incredible license plate!

Mike’s barn-door, good to see on the road since many years!

Some guys take vanagons real serious!

Russell Ritchie came all the way down from Aberdeen Scotland to show his latest creation an exact copy from Bill Schwimmers squareback from the eighties…. this is what we call Old Skool, exactly the type of cars we kicked on when we started our VW hobby!

Loads of visitors, plenty of people…. a nice day for a stroll along a load (about 850) of very cool VW’s!

Since Freddy Files first edition we choose every year a Bob’s personal choice award… this year well deserved by Mike for his incredible Barndoor… good work Mike, … Master fred himself in the back ground out of the party DJ bus from the Kweenonie team, Miss Freddy files Evi handed out the awards.

Thanks again to Freddy and his team to give Belgian’s VW community another incredible show!


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