Upside down

Sad accident happened in Texas… always sad to see a cool VW on the road it don’t meant to be….



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  1. Greg Silkensons (a VW LSR Challenger) single cab after getting side hit a few years ago while on an errand to town in Texas..

  2. It was very sad. That photo was taken by my wife right after I was hit, it was May 15, 2013. The truck was repaired and back on the road one year later. Looks better now than when I bought it in 2002. It’s still my daily driver.

  3. Just got word from the owner, Greg Silkenson, who was driving the Single cab when it was T-Boned. Although totaled, Greg took the VW home, rebuilt it and it is his daily driver to this day.

    You cannot keep a good VW (or owner) down……………………

    Burly Burlile

  4. Hi Greg

    how wonderful and powerful is the inetrnet… the picture must have gone around the world a dozen times, i snap it up somewhere in California, post in on my blog (in Belgium) and before I realise I have contact with the owner…. I like to thank You very much for your comment and explanation, and thanks God You survived this horribele moment and use the truck still as your daily driver! congratulations… as you know, we, at BBT, are VW drivers, and think that’s the sole reason cars are made for!
    wish you many happy years with your single cab!


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