Ben Pon show was blast!

The First European Barndoor gathering aka the Ben Pon show in Amersfoort The Netherlands is over…

Oh God did we had a blast!

Our little convoy, just some friends and our own cars… on the way up, short break…

001 Linda and me in our 1959 trusty Westy…:)

002 The bus with my name on couldn’t stay home… maiden euro drive, wowh! It handles so cool, co driver was my friend Buda, from Bandung, Indonesia… president of the split window club over there… special over for the occasion!

003Nicely parked in the row of Barndoors, let the show begin (for us)

DSC09479_blog barndoors, barndoors, barndoors… over 75 in attendance… Rikki James and companions did a great job park them all…

DSC09481_blog nice….

DSC09483_blog Friend Dokke “in the works”… hey Mike is that You in the background?

DSC09486_blog some call it patina, hmmm a little too much for me, its a 51 deluxe, or shall we say “was”?

DSC09487_blog Barndoor deluxe 23 window samba rare? I’ve seen more deluxes as panelvans….:)

DSC09490_blog Friend of da House Jeroen, with girlfriend and… the barndoor he worked so hard for the last 7 years! he made it! Congrats Jeroen, nice ride!

DSC09492_blogNow this is what we call patina, just bitchin’! pure and unspoiled, keep your hands of this one!

DSC09493_blog and this we call “dust”, or lazy owner too tired to clean….LOL….:) looks very original… yammie! straight out of a barn? or out of storage, big difference….

DSC09495_blog Greek Dutch connection… for sure the prize for most bright color on a barndoor… almost pain to the eye… but Ubercool, friend Maurice striked again!

DSC09496_blog weird options? plenty…

DSC09504_blog so nice, even just to look at!

DSC09505_blog and off course, its all about friends… buddies from the former Bug A Roo galore, hey guys when its coming back?

DSC09511_blog “just” another one….

DSC09514_blog Behr scoop on the roof, we like that, yes sir… 2 of those please!

DSC09515_blog I love this line up…. look at all different heights….:) almost like music…:)

DSC09516_blog less is more… no rear bumper, original till early 53…. more beautiful…

DSC09518_blog the Lambretta bus…

DSC09519_blog its just a family thing….

DSC09523_blog Annelies,BBT Pascal and friend of the house Pak Wawan (from Jakarta Indonesia) came to watch schwimmwagen time… BBT david took pictures… Yours truly was…….

DSC09555_blog…… ah, surprise to everyone, BBT brought out there schwimmwagen too!

DSC09596_blog Family Schückenbömer… always nice to have a schwimm with friends…

DSC09598_blog playing in the water…. the adult way, but kids loved it too!…:)

DSC09611_blog side by side… almost romantic…:)

DSC09645_blog The cherry on the cake… 3 schwimmwagens on the water at the same time in Holland, must have been loooong time ago… I can’t remember… well, it was a Brit, a German and a Belgian, on Holland soils… or better in Holland waters….:) I think we can state easy the European unity is deep inside all of us… lets make this a Easter statement!


what a weekend, what an adventure… we came all back home without too many problems… so all set, almost ready for my next adventure, so stay tuned, the week is started… another adventure begins….



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  1. Great to see you (Mike) in the photos above, and it looks like my old buddy Edwin too? Facom all! I’m sorry now that I didn’t fly over for the BD event, looks like a lot of fun! I can’t wait to follow Bob’s next adventures…

    Bill Bowman

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