Friday product update


Let us guide You through the magic BBT world of products for your VW this week again… some nice additions, and highlights for all of us to enjoy!

Proudly made BBT products

BBT # 1200-700 Mounting kit master cylinder 12/1300 Beetle 


BBT # 1200-710 Mounting kit master cylinder 1302/03 “Super” Beetle


 Do You know we have these nice BBT products right available from our stocks?

BBT # 1291-825 Backing plate front left all Bus 08/63-07/67


BBT # 1292-825 Backing plate front right all Bus 08/63-07/67


 Backing plate rear, all Bus 08/63-07/67 Use BBT # 1293-825 for rear Left and BBT # 1294-825 for Rear Right side

many many years obsolete and unavailable, a very hard sought after NOS item, now simply available from BBT stocks… finish your restoration in pure and strictly style….


This week in our T25/T3 Vanagon parts corner 

Brand new in our program

BBT # 2910-250 Headliner T25/T3 Vanagon 80-92 perforated / white

very hard to show a reasonable picture of an headliner, but we assume You know how headliners do look like? ours do look BRAND NEW!

BBT # 2910-255 Headliner T25/T3 Vanagon 80-92 vinyl / white


Same time we like to highlight these fine BBT products for your beloved T25/T3 Vanagon…

BBT # 4870-250 Roof rack 2 bows T25/T3 Vanagon  (Stainless steel)

the short version….

BBT # 4870-251 Roof rack 3 bows T25/T3 Vanagon  (Stainless steel)


BBT # 4870-252 Roof rack 4 bows T25/T3 Vanagon  (Stainless steel)

the “long john” all and everything carrier…


BBT # 0393-500 Sliding roof handle T25/T3 Vanagon 05/79-08/92


BBT # 0393-510 Sliding roof handle kit T25/T3 Vanagon 05/79-08/92



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