Captain America arrived @ BBT HQ in full glamour!

Our friend, our hero, our everything, Captain America, Easy rider version 2.0 has arrived to European shores!, We kindly offer this rare beauty for sale! How cool is this bus?? We have a take away price, “as-is” to keep it economic, it drives, needs brakes, and is pretty solid, as the pictures from underneath clearly shows. It need some TLC, but it let end You up with one of the coolest rides we ever had!

Ladies and Gentlemen can I present You…. a 1958 Panel van; Mr Captain America himself!

DSCN8947_blog DSCN8948_blog DSCN8950_blog DSCN8951_blog DSCN8952_blog DSCN8953_blog DSCN8967_blog DSCN8968_blog DSCN8984_blog DSCN8985_blog DSCN8988_blog DSCN8990_blog DSCN8991_blog DSCN8992_blog

For any further information and/or prices just contact me on

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