Hot Rod power tour 2012, a really none VW car event…

The American leading magazine for personalized cars “Hot Rod magazine” puts on every year a tour for there subscribers… this tour is about 1700 miles cross country and passed this year Mid America only two days after their annual Vw Funfest… as we had lots of business talk on Monday we decided to add an extra day to see what this hype is all about… if we where blown away is an understatement, try to imagine to check out 3500 cars in roughly two hours and an half….

yes we are….

mainly what’s happens is that all cars rolled in, one by one, had a quick tour around Mid America premises, lined up for the complimentary lunch and continued the ride of that day….

stunning beauty’s, wowh! all kind of Hot rods here, from brand new cars, Rods, street rods, muscle cars, Rat rods, even a beetle and an over-sized radio flyer…. here is a overview from cars we liked the most and pictures came out the best…:)

the one and only beetle on the whole tour….

Power You can relay on, sleek lines as a pleasure for the eye…

oh yeah they like pink….

can You imagine this on public roads in Europe?  The USA is still the country of automotive freedom! Now this is my favourite size of radio flyer for the next swapmeets!

rat rod style, hmmmmm

Chevrolet Bel Air, they had any year and any color attending, just massive!

the cover car for this years tour!

oh yeah, pick ups are cool!

 was the Magic Bus not a VW bus? hmmm The Who would think different suppose, but this looked cool for sure, Magic on its own…Scooooooby Doooooo!

Hot Rod pur sang!

 If You want to know more about this tour just follow the daily reports on

Mike Yager was so kind to “loan” us his corvette to attend the show in style, sorry Mike I put it in a container and shipped it home, it drove just way to nice, unbelievable performance, and even better brakes! How can we ever thank You!

all good songs to come an end, we have to continue the trip, driving by sunset from Effingham to Chicago by train, another experience, very relax and extreme enjoyable…. don’t jump on this impressive freight train, but take  the next one…. the Amtrak…

what a weekend in the Midwest! we will never forget, to all friends, buddy’s that became half family or more more thanks a lot guy’s! especially Bill, Brian, Mike Laurie, Richard, Blake, Michael, You guys are really unbelievable! the Midwest experience…. we have to re-experience any time fast!


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  1. It was a blast to have Bob & Linda visit us here in the Midwest! Even for just a day or two, next time stay longer please! And to be able to see you in the DBG Club “cow suit” was one of the highlights of the weekend! We couldn’t talk Linda into trying it on, but she sure laughed loud to see Bob in it!

    Bill Bowman

  2. the pleasure was all mine Bill!
    we’re back home now, and a pile of work ahead of us, but the Midwest will be for ever in ouir memory’s, and for sure we will come back one day!

    take care for now


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