Friday, BBT’s product update!

Its Friday again, and yes its Easter weekend, get ready for that chocolate eggs hunting on Sunday morning! We, at BBT, don’t have eggs, but some other nice surprises!

Vintage Speed our quality exhaust manufacturer from Taiwan delivered another load of quality stuff, we have two new part numbers came along….

# 3280-120 ‘Vintage Speed German Look’ exhaust for Beetle,

Made in stainless steel  and do come with heater connection.


 # 3280-220 Early bay exhaust ‘Vintage Speed’ Stainless steel with pre heater,

Perfect for lowered busses with upright engines…

now how cool does this look onto a bus?


We also had a new load of Convertible chassis strengtheners came in, we sell these so many, never realized there was so many convertibles still around. Quality is second to none, or just s comparable as OE. we supply to models;

Beetle convertible 1949-1970  up to chassisnr.150 3100 000 use BBT ref 0886-500 for left and 0886-510 for the right side 


Super beetle Convertibles, 1970 -1980 with Mac Person suspension in the front use BBT 0886-550 for left and 0886-560 for the right side

We have another big news to tell…  BBT do stock from now on the real reproduction of Banana bumpers used on beetles pre 1949! we got front and rear bumpers and the horns, on request we also can supply the chrome version… many years obsolete we thought we had to bring these back. stamped out of one piece there is nothing coming closer to the real deal…. No BBT part number, but available from our shop. just ask; “Banana’s”…:)


Easter Holiday was also the start to move our NOS dept. we still carried a large NOS room in our old building… move is slow and though, but one day we make it! Cylinder heads have made it to their new location already, fancy for NOS cylinder heads? 1.2 or 1.3 single port or others? You name it we probably got some…

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