BBT’s friday product update

Another week, another friday, today is BBT’s product day…. and we seleceted some real nice stuff for you.

This week was very busy again @ BBT HQ maybe the nice spring weather in most parts of Europe might have got to see with it. Whatever, we do just like busy times, don’t we….:)

Goods in, unpacked ready to go to the shelves… busy as always…

We received the backing plates back in stock for beetle 67 and later, @ the rear.

Still made in Germany with unbeatable quality, the only ones and by far the best on the market…  we can call very easy OE quality. This is a must have at any restoration…. You can order yours under BBT ref 1293-5 for left and 1294-5 for the right side…

 another new BBT baby… the little fixing plate that keep the top front axle bolts under the gastank for all beetles. Made in Germany, unequalled quality, discontinued from VW do Brasil, so we’re the sole source on the market…. we presse”d proud but discreet our BBT production logo in!

upside down…:)

top view

overview…. we have plenty….:)

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